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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Context: usage recommendations? ( Re: [SUMMARY] Context )
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 07:41:36 GMT

>>>>For example, some time ago the JAMES community got a bit pissed off with
>>>>'Avalon' and wanted rid of it.
>>>What was the real issue, in your view?
>>One of them dude. It is the one that made us rally and come into the
>>list.  It may not have been true, but it appeared to be so.
>You didn't really answer my question.  You indicated that you adopted the
>distinction between areas of Avalon to combat the above situation, but you
>didn't indicate which are of Avalon you believe was an issue, or even what
>the perceived issues were with Avalon.
I'm not trying to have an argument dude....

We arived back in the JAMES list after some absence. Previously there 
were Avalon committers active in the project and continually defending 
the faith. It was important for us to not have one of our flagship 
projects abandon a) our Framework and b) our generation #1 container. 
 There was an element of confusion concerning the differerence between 
our deliverables. It even continued after I became more active in the 
list.  For example one of the betas of Phoenix was booked into CVS as 
'newAvalon' .  Thus with all the dissent it become obvious to me that my 
primary mission was education.  I needed to help the JAMES team 
understand the different elements of what was there from the Avalon 
project, how it was compartmentalised and what the benefits of each 
were.  It took a considerable amount of effort to do, and was fairly 
thankless for a time.  I even volunteered to apply commits to the james 
project concerning phoenix only. I was granted commit rights, but 
(correctly) waived my right to vote and was careful to not exceed my 
authority.  I tried as far as I could to behave respectfully.


- Paul

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