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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <nicola...@apache.org>
Subject [STATUS] (avalon) $Date: 2002/12/02 11:17:35 $
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 11:18:24 GMT
APACHE AVALON PROJECT STATUS:                          -*-indented-text-*-
Last modified at [$Date: 2002/12/02 11:17:35 $]

     none ATM; still defining new container plan and how to best keep
     development of current code go ahead without impacting negatively on
     the new work.

Resolved Issues:

     o There is an Avalon repository called avalon-sandbox to contain
       all non-released code. It has its own site to make less confusion
       with released products.

     o Existing committers can start new projects without a
       detour to the Incubator by using the avalon-sandbox, and
       must meet the (TBD) goals of Apache Avalon.
       These new components must be approved by the PMC before
       being accepted in the endorsed repositories, and must meet the
       (TBD) goals of Apache Avalon.

Pending issues:
     o Coming up with a set of bylaws for the project

     o Define the terms for serving as a Chair

     o Definition of a new contract for the Context interface, which
       is the pivot issue of our component protability.

     o Switch to a avalon.apache.org website and @avalon.apache.org
       mailing lists.

     o Use a unified avalon-dev mailing list (and avalon-user remains 
       +1: nicolaken, neeme, leosutic, leosimons, mcconnell, bloritsch, 
stefano, giacomo
       +0: crafterm, cziegeler
       -1: hammant, leif, donaldp

     o Voting will follow the "standard Apache voting guidelines"

       [ be nice to refer to an Incubator doc here ]

     o All code donations [to the ASF, destined for Apache Avalon]
       arrive via the Incubator, unless the Incubator states they can
       be placed directly into Avalon.

Project Mission:

What is the project's mission?  Our statement of goals/mission/vision
should arise from the answers to the following and other questions:

       - Should we have a minimum set of requirements before components
         are released?
         +0: nicolaken

       - If yes to above then which things should be part of minimum

         documentation: require basic overview and user docs
         +0: nicolaken

         uptodate website: require website be updated to latest release
                           but may still host previous release docs.
         +0: nicolaken

         unit tests: (okay so this will never get consensus but ...)
         +0: nicolaken

         versioning standard: derived from
         +0: nicolaken

         release process: derived from
         +0 nicolaken

         deprecation process: (java specific?)
         +0: nicolaken

         CVS/Subversion branching:
         +0: nicolaken


     Mailing lists:      avalon-user@jakarta.apache.org

     Web site:           http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/

     Repositories:       jakarta-avalon             (framework)
                         jakarta-avalon-testlet     (deprecated testlet)
                         jakarta-avalon-logkit      (logkit)
                         jakarta-avalon-phoenix     (phoenix)
                         jakarta-avalon-cornerstone (components)
                         jakarta-avalon-apps        (sample phoenix 
                         jakarta-avalon-excalibur   (everything else)
                         avalon-sandbox             (sandbox)
                         jakarta-avalon-site        (the web site)

PMC Members:

     (To be put here from the ratified resolution)

     Note: Nicola Ken Barozzi is the Chair

PMC Members, pending Board approval:

     none yet

     [ this may become obsolete; the Board is discussing a way for the
       Chair to directly alter the PMC membership; until then, however,
       we need PMC members ratified by the board, and this tracks them ]

Active Committers:


Inactive Committers (three months without commits):


Emeritus Committers (six months without commits):


Invited Committers:

     none yet

Current mission/charter as approved by the board:

     (To be put here from the ratified resolution)

The complete text of the resolution that was passed is:

     (To be put here from the ratified resolution)

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