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From Adam Murdoch <adammurd...@apache.org>
Subject [phoenix] classloaders in environment.xml
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 04:45:53 GMT


I'm just writing up some docs for environment.xml, and had a few questions 
about the <classloaders> element (an excellent feature, btw).

- <entry> and <fileset> can't refer to locations outside the sar, whereas 
<policy> entries can.  Is this intentional, or just not implemented?  Or is 
this only really meaningful when deploying from, say, an xml descriptor (a 
todo item), instead of a sar?

- There's no property expansion for <entry> and <fileset>, like there is for 
<policy> entries.  Is this because of the above, or just not implemented?

- Order is lost across <entry>, <fileset>, and <extension> elements.  The

classloader builder handles all the <entry>s, then all the <fileset>s, and 
then all the <extension>s.  Would it not be better to preserve the ordering 
of these elements?

- Why bother declaring predefined classloaders?

- Why bother with <join> elements?  Why not allow <classloader> to take 
multiple parents?

- Is it too late to change any of this stuff, wrt backwards compat?


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