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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [Avalon5] Avalon <-> Jakarta Commons Logging and Configuration
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 12:33:28 GMT

> The main point to clarify is if Avalon aims to be *only* applicable to 
> container/components architecture or aims (at least in some
> of its module - eg logging ) to be used in a wider OOP world.
> Let me make an analogy with OS:  it is widely accepted that Unix/Linux 
> is has a more sophistiacated kernel than Windows/Mac
> and is much more powerful - coming from a distributed design while 
> Windows/Mac come from a desktop design.
> Yet, most people (especially the ones with less technical requirements) 
> find themselves drawn to Windows/Mac rather than Unix.
> In my opinion, it is because W/M have managed to make things *easier* 
> and *most* people don't need all the power of unix
> for their desktops.  
> So - one could go on and on with religious wars between OS - or try the 
> marry the best aspects of both worlds.

What actually happens is emulation.  Wine allows Linux people some potential for running Windows
apps.  They are still idealogically opposed to writing windows(only) apps.

> I guess my suggestion was to try to make Avalon the Mac OS X equivalent 
> of server-sider programming - give as much as possible
> the user the flexibility to choose if they want to do OOP or COP, or at 
> least prepare a bridge for OOP to move to COP.

I'd prefer to see LogEnabled more widely used (not withstanding the fact that it does not
objects for args).  I'd hope for OOP Mainable (faux interface) applications, the Logger was
configured in the main() method and the instantiated application was decorated via
enableLogging().  This would allow the thing to standalone (without container), or be placed
in a
container by some other assembler.

Emulation of Log4J and Commons logging is a slightly smelly solution to our quest seeing as
cannot (and won't try to) bannish them.


- Paul

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