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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Charter.txt
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 19:12:37 GMT

- avalon is called "avalon.apache.org" throughout. Shouldn't we simply
call it Apache Avalon?

- in the mission part: "avalon.apache.org exists to promote the use of
Avalon components." Good idea to change this to promote _and

- "In the unlikely event that a member of the PMC becomes disruptive to
the process or ceases to contribute for an extended period, said
member may be removed by unanimous vote of remaining PMC members."

can't we just delete that paragraph? It sounds pretty negative. Seems to
me that a disfunctional PMC is best remedied by intervention of "the
next higher body", though I'm not quite sure who that is (the officer or
the board I guess)

avalon.apache.org is comprised of subprojects; a subproject is a
component whose scope is well defined.  Each subproject has its own
set of developers."

I think the subproject model has proven not to work too well (I believe
that's part of the reason for reorganizing the ASF in the first place).
Can we just remove the whole 'subproject' notion from the charter
completely? I especially dislike "each subproject has its own set of

- "Committers are developers who have read/write access to the source
code repository."

Jakarta docs say "A Committer has write access to the source code
repository and gains voting rights allowing them to affect the future of
the subproject". Shouldn't we have a reference to voting rights in here?

The development process is intentionally lightweight; like other
Apache projects"

would be nice to "incorporate by reference" here. There's not a doc
ready for any of that yet I guess.

that's it for now...more thoughts to come.....


- Leo

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