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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@citi-us.com>
Subject RE: -1 technical vetoes
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 13:23:50 GMT
> From: Leif Mortenson [mailto:leif@tanukisoftware.com]
> What about setting it up so that a -1 is a vote by default.  
> If someone 
> really
> wants to pull the veto card then they can specifically write -VETO or 
> something
> like that.  This way people can safely vote their disapproval 
> without it 
> being
> as strong as a veto.  The ability to veto any vote will still be 
> preserved this way.
> -1 can be viewed as a simple vote without stepping on any 
> toes.  If a user
> writes VETO on a vote, then they should be required to 
> explain themselves
> thoroughly.

Unfortunately that doesn't work.  Not expressing your oppinion
in voting is giving the message "I don't care what you do in this
matter".  I don't want to change the expected semantic from that
to "I am against your proposal" which is what a -1 expresses.

Honestly, the -1 vote means that there needs to be some more
discussion.  It might be that the concept is sound, but the
implementation needs to be reworked.  It might be that the
concept and implementation are good, but we need test cases
to prove it.  ALL -1 votes should provide a topic for community
discussion, and in the end should be resolvable by the community.
If that means that the proposal gets dropped for the time
being (i.e. several -1 votes) then the person can either
choose to take a different approach with what they were
proposing or they can drop it themselves.

The -1 is a safety net.  Different people have different
backgrounds, and if one person has been burned by a bad design
or a security hole, they will be able to recognize the culprit
in new code being proposed.

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