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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject Where to now?
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 07:52:08 GMT

Congratulations on the action by the ASF Board to create an Avalon PMC, and
congratulations to Nicola, on being the first Avalon PMC Chair.  :-)

Nicola commented in his thoughtful note

> What has been voted and therefore signed, is just the creation of a PMC
> that will still have to create its bylaws and charter.

As you move forward with your reorganization and plan for the future, I
suggest that the Avalon community establish, if possible, that future Avalon
PMCs shall contain members who are Committers from Avalon using projects, in
addition to Avalon Committers.  The Avalon technologies form a platform, not
a standalone project, and its users should have their voices represented.

For the near term, as you move forward, a primary issue should be to address
internal structural issues related to the friction we've all noted.  A
number of thoughts come to mind:

   - The Avalon platform is used, and users
     have an investment in it.

   - There are shared sub-projects that require
     consensus, e.g., Frameworks.

   - There are sub-projects that allow more
     freedom for differing views, e.g., containers.

   - Project members, by and large, are volunteers.
     The FUN has to be returned to this project!

   - Although no one is indispensable, if valuable
     members of the community leave, NO ONE wins.

I hope that at least some of these issues can be resolved by suitably
evaluating and adjusting the partition between shared and non-shared domains
to everyone's satisfaction.  Compromise and reasoned discourse seem to have
been missing elements from recent discussions here.

Comments on two recent threads:
   Both Peter and Stephen express a willingness to talk.  Lets take this at
   face value, and all help to facilitate discussion.

   Breaking up Avalon.  As a user, I see little good that comes from this
   action, and considerable potential for ill.  What I think needs to be
   resolved are the issues about what is and isn't common.

These discussions should probably start from scratch, forcing everyone to
re-think their arguments.  Perhaps there are some things that are being
pushed into common areas that ought not to go there, at least for now.  For
example, it is unclear to me that anything having to do with deployment on a
particular container belongs anywhere except with that container, or perhaps
some informally shared space.  Even if there were a consensus between
current container authors, future containers might want the freedom to
approach deployment differently.

As an interested consumer of Avalon, I look forward to these discussions.

	--- Noel

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