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From Peter Royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [User Community Action Required] Re: Pete ousted?
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 08:19:05 GMT
On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 04:54  PM, Paul Hammant wrote:
> 1) Power's that be: Please let me appeal on Peter's behalf
>  and ask if you may see fit to look past this current episode.

I think the "powers that be" don't want to have to be known by that 
hierarchy-sounding word (after the long discussion the other night at 
the apache town mtg @ apachecon). From offline discussions, I believe 
it is more than "this current episode"

> 2) I use Peter's projects in my open source / proprietary /
>  commercial applications.

I do to. Many people do. But as I've come to have a much greater 
realization of in the past few days, Apache is about /FAR/ more than 
just code. The community surrounding the code is priority 1.

> 3) I have been helped by Peter in the past. I found his help very 
> useful.

All of my interactions with Peter have been very positive. I don't have 
anything derogatory to say about the man.

> 4) Please let Peter return to his projects at Apache, he's not so bad.

My impression is that *THE ONLY THING* that Peter didn't do well enough 
was "playing well (enough) with others". Peter is /such/ a fountain of 
code, that it could be very difficult at times to be on equal footings. 
Peter would appear to dominate projects that he's involved in, to the 
detriment of building a community (at times). I *KNOW* that if any of 
us were to sit down with him and have a face-to-face discussion, things 
could be easily resolved. Email is just a very difficult medium at 
times since you miss so much that is conveyed non-verbally when 
discussing in person.

Peter, please remain. There are many of us that are able to work with 
you. That _want_ to work with you.
peter royal -> proyal@apache.org

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