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From Leo Sutic <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject Re: thoughts on Avalon PMC
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:48:58 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
 > Decide carefully what votes you want to limit to only PMC participation.

I'm leaning toward "none". If +3/-0 is all that's required, what's the 
point of
restricting it to PMC only?

Leo Simons wrote:
 > regardless of the need of leadership, "what avalon should be"
 > is defined in the project charter.

Yes, but then there's the interpretation of that charter.
For example, Peter works under the assumption that
there will always be multiple containers, as we do not
know enough to create an ├╝ber-container yet. Stephen
tries to unify all containers. Small wonder you get conflict.

As it is now, there's really no forum that can handle such
disputes - precisely, as you wrote long ago, we're so
into this "not voting on something we haven't written".

A PMC may provide leadership in being a forum where
overarching issues can be decided on.

Peter Donald wrote:
 > yep. And the technical decisions get made by those who
 > earn the privlidge to do so ;)

Could you be more specific, Peter? For example, how
would one earn this privilige? In particular, who decides?


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