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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [merlin] new appliance code opinion/ideas dump
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 23:05:08 GMT

Stephen McConnell wrote:

>>    Is this inheritance for re-use or inheritance
>>    that really 'means something', i.e., IS-A?  I've heard a number of
>>    Java folks say something to the effect that one should "never use
>>    inheritance unless you will 1) instantiate the inherited object, and
>>    2) in some cases use the inheriting object in place of the inherited
>>    object".  Inheritance for re-use creates (IMHO) tight webs of
>>    dependency and makes code hard to understand.
> Have been thinking about the same thing.  Bottom line there is no 
> dramtic or fundimental reason to have this as inheritance based.  In 
> fact I've been reworking TypeManager locally to turn it into a 
> component.  This follows the thinking in my post about bootstrap 
> versus pluggable components that provide core services.  If the 
> pluggable things are always full components, then there is no reason 
> why one should not allow an alternative TypeManager (or XxxxManager) 
> component.
> For the moment I suggest maintaining the inheritance approach while I 
> turn things into conponents and then look at this again in a few days.

But thinking a little more .. an appliance manager could aggregate a 
profile manager could aggregate a type manager could aggregate a service 



Stephen J. McConnell

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