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From Federico Barbieri <f...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: PMC et al
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:12:10 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Federico Barbieri wrote:
>> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>>> I am glad we are finally considering a true Avalon PMC.
>>> I have long thought that we would be a good candidate for
>>> a top level project, maybe even more than one.  Other than
>>> standard legalese for all PMC charters, we should look at
>>> what we explicitly desire for the Avalon PMC.
>> I see you all agree on this and I'm happy the Avalon community is 
>> strong and united but...
>> IMHO there is not *one* single reason why creating an Avalon PMC and 
>> moving discussions from here to there would make things *any* better. 
>> It's Yet Another Mailing List.
> It's about direct accountability to the board.
> This is what we *have* to agree on in any case, the PMC is just a tool.
> " ...
> RESOLVED, that the initial Avalon PMC be and hereby is tasked
> with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to encourage open
> development and increased participation in the Avalon Project;
> and be it further
> RESOLVED, that the initial Avalon PMC be and hereby is tasked
> with the migration and rationalization of the Jakarta PMC
> Avalon subproject;
> ..."

So, if I'm getting this right, you want more control, more indipendence 
over the rules governing the avalon (at large) community right? 
I quite agree on that thou I would prefer to see a proposal to improve 
the community sent to the Jakarta PMC to be voted and adopted by the 
whole jakarta (or apache) community.
The ability to set up new cvs modules like [jakarta-avalon-*] could (I'm 
not saying it is) be a good thing for all projects.
If you want to modify commiter access rules just do it. None will ever 
complain if you are more efficient and productive.
My guts tells me there is too much burocracy and politics in this... 
damn it it's open source! It's self determination by definition! There 
is no need for  institutionalisation.

Ok I sound like ranting now... it's just that I'm sorry to see weeks of 
(code wise) unproductive discussion.

hope I'm making sense...


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