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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [User Community Action Required] Re: Pete ousted?
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 10:15:27 GMT

This is a meritocracy that uses democracy as a way of deciding on issues where merit is not
 Sitting behind that is 'benign dictatorship'. In that design we'll occasionally be surprised
we might object (I do here). Overall I defend the model.

As for transpacency, I'd say not.  This mail is public and eternal. What goes on here can
affects people's lives.  Imagine I'd said "Huw you are a complete idiot, nobody on earth should
hire you for a coding position" (not true by the way), you'd be fairly unhappy that any
prospective employer might find that.  It's up to Pete how he handles the facts as stated
by the
board to him (the entity I formerly referred to as "the powers that be", until objections).
board has handled things correctly as fact as news dissemination goes.  Incorrectly, in my
opinion, on the action itself.  I'll say again, I'll defend the benign dictatorship concept.

Citizens of a benign dictator are occasionally going to feel hurt. We have to get over that
appeal to their benevolent side.


- Paul

 --- Huw Roberts <huw@apache.org> wrote: > I think it is detrimental to the community
as a whole
to have a user 
> suspended, removed or otherwise punished without some indication, made 
> to the community at large, of the reason.  It is not strictly a private 
> matter between a governance board and a member, it affects us all.  To 
> put it another way, some degree of transparency is required for the 
> functioning of the community, and I feel this missing right now.
> - Huw Roberts

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