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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Pete ousted?
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 21:24:48 GMT

I got up this morning and lo and behold I find out the announcement that my 
account has been suspended. So thats irritates me. It seems the board has 
decided on a mechanism to resolve Avalons problems.

A little bit depresessing given what I have put into this project and Apache 
in general. For about 3 years now I have been putting in between 10 and 20 
hours a week supporting and developing Avalon. When I got here it was a bit 
of a mess but I managed to help clean things up or poke other people into 
doing so.

I have also spent a considerable effort to get more people involved in Avalon. 
Even given how unsexy work on a framework is I always tried to encourage 
people to contribute in various ways. I also tried to get people involved by 
nominating them and making sure they had the opportunity to get involved. 
This probably includes most of the currently active committers (all except 
Berin?). This also includes supporting a lot of people who are not Avalon 
devs but do use parts of our work.

Even when I disagreed with something I helped make it happen. All the ugly 
hacks re marker interfaces was added and then left in for cocoon support, as 
was ComponentSelector, and the release() method was also left in due to 
cocoon wants. I have also expended considerable effort updating ECM when I 
don't use it and cleaning Fortress even though I don't much like the design 
choices. Never once have I tried to "fix" these problems for other people. 
They happen to like them so I let them develope their own solutions.

Even with Merlin you will be hard pressed to find a case where I was not 
supportive of Stephens changes as long as it did not harm others. Merlin1 was 
a fork of Phoenix but far from discouraging it I actually encouraged and 
prodded until it finally got extracted. Even with early Merlin2 work I was 
encouraging it despite it largely being yet another fork. I even recall 
suggesting that it replace Fortress as low end container.

Not once have I consciously gone out to harm Avalon and yet here we are. I 
have been judged unworth from those on high. It seems unlikely that I will 
change and thus unlikely that I will be allowed back. Can't say thats a nice 
prospect but I am not sure there are any alternatives. 

Haven't read all (any) of the mail back log yet and not sure I will for a bit.

As to where I will go next? Not sure. I still am working on the same stuff I 
have been working on for about 5 years (3 here at Avalon) so I will continue 
that - not sure where or not sure how


Peter Donald
Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
                -- Voltaire 

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