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From "Greg Stein" <gst...@lyra.org>
Subject Re: [Avalon] Call for Revote: Too much voted on in too little time.
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:30:50 GMT
In article <3DDAEDD7.7040504@tanukisoftware.com>, "Leif Mortenson"
<leif@tanukisoftware.com> wrote:

> I am also a strong +1 on re-voting as well.  The idea of a PMC now
> sounds good, but I
> too would really like to be able to see the charter and bylaws in
> writing before effectively
> "signing" them.

To be honest, the voting process was a mechanism for the Board to get a
sense of the community's support for an Avalon PMC. The final numbers and
percentages and whatnot are not strictly relevant. The vote that was
performed demonstrated a sufficient interest in having a PMC.

Further, note that the Jakarta PMC and the Board were inclined to create
the PMC. So, in essence, the only real interesting vote from the
community would have been a strong opposition. Since the Board did not
see that, it constructed the Avalon PMC last night.

>     There are several members of the Avalon community who are quite
> upset with the speed
> at which the vote was announces and concluded.  We all have to step back
> and remember
> that we are all only here because we choose to be.  Having several of
> our ranks feel that
> they were forced into a situation is not a good thing.

Note that the PMC is intended to *help*, not to obstruct. As has been
detailed on this list, there are quite a few reasons for a PMC to exist,
not the least of which is its role in providing ASF oversight of the
project. The ASF cannot help to indemnify the committers unless we can
strongly demonstrate that oversight.

>     Since the vote, I have come to understand what the PMC will entail.
>  But the information
> is still scattered across several posts over the last week.   I agree

We're hoping that the Incubator will get a lot of this information
detailed -- that it will be the group to "teach" us all about what it
means to be a member, to be part of the PMC, to be a committer, or any of
the other roles here at the ASF.


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