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From gst...@apache.org
Subject Re: Avalon PMC
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 23:10:39 GMT
In article <3DD3D62B.8050705@betaversion.org>, "Federico Barbieri"
<fede@betaversion.org> wrote:
> I thought there was a discussion going on about what should be avalon
> pmc responability and waht not. If so the options are:
> A - to found the PMC you need to sign a liability form:
>     1 - you know which project will be avalon pmc and which commons or
> incubator *or*
>     2 - you sign for all avalon related projects. When you have a better
> picture of the organization you update the form as common and/or
> incubator takes resposability for what's moved there
> B - you may have a
> PMC without signing anything so you can take your time to decide things
> and sign later.

There are no (liability or other) forms to sign to be on the PMC or to be
the Chair of a PMC. All committers must have signed a Contributor License
Agreement ("CLA"), but that is unrelated to PMC issues, and is the only
form that most people need to sign. If/when a person becomes a member of
the ASF, then there is one more to sign (a membership application).

Presuming the Avalon PMC resolution passes, then the new PMC will be
responsible for all code in the (current) Avalon CVS repositories. At that point,
the PMC can begin to sort out what they should retain, and what should
move elsewhere (if any).


gstein@apache.org ... ASF Chairman ... http://www.apache.org/

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