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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [proposal] avalon-sandbox
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 21:35:23 GMT
Hi all, 

considering the community desire to decrease the amount of playgrounds,
to decrease the amount of forks, to decrease the publicity struggle, and
considering the user need for more clarity, I think it is a good idea to
re-instate a scratchpad/proposal/microfork/testing area. 

In order to make things easy on users and in order to make the project
layout more transparent, and in line with the proved success of the
setup of Jakarta Commons (regarding this), I propose this scratchpad
area is set up as a separate CVS module; I propose we name this module

here's a +1 from me. 

Materials that could go into the sandbox area include the Avalon5
materials in the jakarta-avalon CVS and the experimental container
material in jakarta-avalon-excalibur CVS (assembly, containerkit,
container, info, meta, tweety, ....). Any "Micro Container" or
"reference implementation" could start here as well. I think the
materials that have been extracted from phoenix (stuff like baxter)
should not go there though. 

Why not put this into jakarta-commons-sandbox? 
Avalon is not a jakarta project anymore :D 

Why not in a current CVS module? 
This is what we have done in the past. It creates confusion as to what
is stable and what is not, and having experimental materials inside the
same CVS as the stable code is somewhat annoying for people that mainly
work on the stable code. 

Anything else? 
I think putting in place a new module for this will also give the
community more of a "fresh start" feeling. It can be clear from the
start that the sandbox is not a 'personal playground' but instead a
'community playground'. 


- Leo Simons 

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