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From Vincent Tence <vte...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: [User Community Action Required] Re: Pete ousted?
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 04:58:29 GMT
My system clock is causing me trouble. I am re-posting with the correct
time. Sorry about that.


On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 13:11, Vincent Tence wrote:
> Hi all,
> Following is the humble opinion of an Avalon fan who has been
> using the framework, ECM, logkit and many components in commercial
> applications for 1+ year.
> It seems rather strange - and for sure it worries me as a user - to see
> somebody who has contributed so much to the Avalon project as a whole being
> suspended this way. 
> I am not a statistics expert, but I guess Pete's name is on more than 50% of
> the code I use. I do know that all committers - and users who are supplying
> patches - are putting great efforts into this project, but I feel like
> without Pete's contribution, it not quite the same. So what should I expect
> as a user? Is the priority still to get Avalon to the higher levels? I don't
> want to believe that this codebase I have been relying on (and hopefully
> will continue to) will loose its greatest contributors and with them, its
> momemtum. Some explanations to the user base would be welcome.
> I have always been very impressed by the quality of the individuals working
> on Avalon and the quality of the work they produced. This is definitely a
> great asset for the project. I also do believe that exploring different paths and 
> confronting ideas is the way to go. I hope people are participating to 
> this project to have fun and because they believe Avalon is great. But what I have 
> seen on the list for several weeks is rather scary and don't encourage people to get
> which is a shame. Even worse if it goes to the point where people get kicked out ...
> I can also imagine the effect it has on potential new users. As somebody pointed out
> the web site still indicates that some refactoring is taking place, so you end up looking
> the mailing list and find out that it's not code but team refactoring happening :-( 
> This is not the kind of statibility users will look for.
> So please let Peter be in again and all keep up with the good work.
> Cheers,
> Vincent
> On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 19:54, Paul Hammant wrote:
> > Following on from Peter's posting and Sam Ruby's fair reply, I thought 
> > I'd go public too...
> > 
> > Peter,
> > 
> > My heart bleeds for you dude.  I have been with this project for years, 
> > I know what you have put in.  You have always been direct/assertive with 
> > what you felt to be true, and many people understood that to be 
> > aggression, which is wrong.  Many of us including me are very keen for 
> > your return.  Even when the worst things were said about you, you 
> > maintained a level tone. You held all in high-esteem, and never (well 
> > 99.99% of the time) resorted to low blows or insults.  Your character 
> > and dedication is fantastic, we all miss you here at Avalon. That's all 
> > of us...
> > 
> > With the wisdom of the power's that be, a favourable wind, and some 
> > positive advocacy from us & those you have helped over the years when 
> > there was no need for you to get involved (and the rest of us were too 
> > tired), you will hopefully be back /inside/ of the period allotted. 
> >  Avalon and Apache is simply not complete without you.
> > 
> > Can all those that use Peter's works in open source and want his swift 
> > return to the projects he loves please reply to this email with the 
> > following section modified as appropriate:
> > 
> > *---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > 1) Power's that be: Please let me appeal on Peter's behalf
> >   and ask if you may see fit to look past this current episode.
> > 2) I use Peter's projects in my open source / proprietary /
> >   commercial applications.
> > 3) I have been helped by Peter in the past. I found his help very useful.
> > 4) Please let Peter return to his projects at Apache, he's not so bad.
> > *----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > 
> > Please also spread the word, and get as many people as possible to reply 
> > to this - Committers, Users, Visitors, Luminaries...
> > 
> > We'll also work on a http://jakarta.apache.org/site/peter.html page 
> > right?  A guide to what makes the man tick.  This suggestion may be 
> > cryptic to many ;-)
> > 
> > - Paul
> > 
> > 
> > 
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Vincent Tence <vtence@sympatico.ca>

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