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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Breaking up Avalon
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:26:33 GMT
On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 06:00, Paul Hammant wrote:
> > +1 for Phoenix becoming a top level project.

think I should clarify my point of view: -0; not for me to decide. I
disagree with the idea though.

> As well .... 
>   * Excalibur bits go to Commons or elsewhere, apart from the bits used by one or other
>   which go with that container.

(There's bits already moved to Jakarta Commons which shouldn't move to
Apache Commons unless they move from Jakarta Commons to there as well.
IMHO. Otherwise I agree.)

>   * Merlin leaves Avalon CVS.

-0 (again, if the merlin developers all want to leave I'm not in the
way). It is in-scope for avalon, provides useful features no other
container provides, is in use and in development. I'm +1 on it going to
a proposal or scratchpad area though.

>   * Logkit goes to top level?

my gut feeling says the logkit community isn't quite big enough to
warrant its own PMC; I think probably the best PMC to manage it is the
Commons PMC. Where it winds up site-wise (ie logkit.apache.org,
avalon.apache.org/logkit, jakarta.apache.org/avalon/logkit,
commons.apache.org/logkit).....I'm in favor of logkit.apache.org.

> Avalon becomes Avalon-Framework, which I've said over and over again is the only level
at which
> compataibility between containers is guaranteed (and that we all agree on).  Some containers
> xml component lacing, some another type of xml lacing, yet others have _no_ meta data.
 All are
> fine. Focus people.

I think avalon should aim to provide not only avalon framework, but also
a container (at least one, more if sensible technically) that allows you
to use avalon framework.

> No people from the new phoenix group do not have automatic rights on commit to Avalon.
If they
> were there (committing before) they remain IMHO.

I'd say they do get privileges; probably the best idea is to ask each
phoenix committer what they want if any phoenix breakout goes forward.


- Leo

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