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From Gary Shea <s...@gtsdesign.com>
Subject Re: Fortress/ECM/Merlin covergence
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 23:14:36 GMT
I just joined avalon-users (should have done that a long time ago!) so
I'll hear more about making assembly a service.  My immediate gut
feeling is YES, good idea.  I have hesitated to bring full-on fortress
or full-on merlin into my app just yet, partially because I want to keep
it light (this is a WebStart app!), and partially because I just don't
want to take on all that complexity at once.  I love the idea of being
able to pick up a bit at a time.  You probably noticed that tendency
from the openorb days ;)

I've gone through the meta site now, bravo on splitting that out.  Good
political move too of course... he who makes his code easiest to use
wins the war of standards, assuming marketing budgets are equal.

I am about ready to try bringing merlin into my app, you'd laugh if you
saw what I am doing.  I'm almost done retro-fitting each major UI bit as
a component.  Of course they are not components in the sense of
something I might try an alternative version of later, but the
provisioning features of Avalon/merlin component support are too useful
to let some definition quibble stop me!  At the momeent, all the
components are hand-lifecycled in the code, so I have a feeling for what
merlin will be doing for me... wanted to be clear that component-ization
is worth the trouble for this particular application.  At the moment
there's almost no configuration (an occasional fixed height/width), not
much context, lots of services.  Once merlin is in place, it will be
very slick.  I'll probably give a talk on it at one of our local JUG
meetings in a month or two.

The beauty of Avalon assembly in Swing is that it really helps flatten
out the heirarchical Swing code.


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