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From Marc Schier <MSch...@bsquare.com>
Subject RE: Async invocations
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 18:35:27 GMT
> I believe that the release of Fortress will simply create (a) 
> a comfort
> factor for the islands of ECM dependents, and (b) slow the progress on
> a consilidated containmentr architecture. Personally (ie. someone
> thinking differently), I would hold of from a release of 
> Fortress until
> the meta solution was in place and a framework for migration 
> from the ECM
> role manegement to meta was established and validated - without this
> Fortress is nothin more that an enahnced,, improved, more elegant ECM
> (appoliogies in advance to Berin if this if offensive - but I really
> belive that there is so much more that could achieved with a 
> little more
> patience and continuation of convergence).  With a release we will get
> bogged down in questions about compatibility ECM/Fortress/Phoenix and 
> Merlin.  
> I really think the responsible move is to think these things 
> through - build
> on each other strengths, and come out of this with the total solution.
> What is good about the Avalon Framework is its simplicity and 
> clarity - why
> ant we do the same thing on the Avalon container solution?

I fully agree. It would be so nice to have !one! extensible container
solution that can be scaled from embedded device to J2EE server and that
allows to plug in service managers, lifecycle extensions and exposes all the
necessary meta information to do so. I believe it's doable. From what I can
see Merlin is heading in the right direction. The reason why I chose to plug
in the management as a component rather than extend an existing container is
that it allows the manager to be deployed into other containers as well and
shields me from changes made to the implementation.


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