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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: licensing issues revisited
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:25:14 GMT

Leo Simons wrote:

>>In practice the resolution of this could be much simpler - the simple 
>>assignment of the copyright by Exolab/Intalio to Apache.  However, to do 
>>this we would need to synchonize with Apache staff.  Keep in mind that 
>>Intalio/Exolab has formally discontinued support of the opensource 
>>iniatives related to CORBA, and have recognized the actives of the 
>>OpenORB Community Project under source forge as the continuation.
>Of that I was not aware. It changes the perspective doesn't it?

Just a bit :-;

>>intention of the OpenORB SF team has always been to bring this into 
>>Apache and towards this end the overall management of the project is 
>>based completely on Jakarta guidelines, coding standards strictly follow 
>>Avalon guidelines, leverage of the Avalon Framework, a number of 
>>Excalibur utilities etc.  The point here is that this is a loose-end 
>>that needs to be cleaned up and that needs involvement of Apache staff.
>>>IMO, the right thing to do is to delete all code like this about which
>>>there is any doubt ASAP, then talk to the jakarta PMC (and ultimately
>>>the board & lawyers) to figure this out, and only put the sources into
>>>CVS again when all those people have given a definite permission.
>>That's a little bit like throwing out the baby with the bath water. 
>> There are people using this code base - in fact the OpenORB SF actives 
>>on PSS reference the Apache code base as the source of on-going 
>>development.  Secondly, there is new code under the enterprise project 
>>(pure Apache license) that is reused under the OpenORB project - worst 
>>case scanrio is that there is some slicing and dicing to be done 
>>concerning clean seperation of pure Apache as oppoed to mixed content. 
>very cool =)
>I think OpenORB is a really good candidate for trialling
>incubator.apache.org. I'm sure many people want to see an open source
>CORBA impl thrive (even if I personally would like to see CORBA vanish
>as I find it too difficult to really understand :P); apache could be the

I agree that this is a perfect incubator candidate.  On the complexity 
front I have some good news for you - in Melin you can declare the 
service management fractory to be used for a particular class of 
component - and I have a working implemetation of a factory that 
automates the establishment of CORBA object references, backend 
activation, etc.  It's not committed yet but I would like this to come 
in as a Merlin extension package sometime in the not so distant future.

>> In any case I really think this should be discussed at the 
>>Apache/Jakarta level before doing anything like code deletion.
>I still believe the code should be deleted (in the sense that it is
>moved off of apache servers, so the ASF is not in breach of any license;
>sourceforge's got bandwidth, don't they :), _then_ discussed. I know
>there's people on this list that know how to migrate cvs trees cleanly
>still, IANAL. I suggest you (or OpenORB people) talk to various PMCs and
>board members.

I kick of some email and see where this leads.

In the meantime, here is a list of the license updates I've just committed:

   avalon-apps/enterprise/ins (partial addition input needed)
   avalon-apps/enterprise/pss (partial addition input needed)

Cheers, Steve.

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Stephen J. McConnell

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