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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Reorganization of Avalon
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 06:44:11 GMT

As some of you are undoubtably aware, Jakarta/Apache is in the process of 
going through some rapid evolution. Part of the problem is that Jakarta is 
too big, too out of scope and doesn't offer any legal protection for the 
majority of it's constituents (ie all of Avalon).

There are several different initiatives underway to "fix" this problem. I 
would like us to start looking at some of the less radical steps that can be 
taken to address these issues.

In particular there has been two new top level projects created; 
commons.apache.org and incubator.apache.org. Nicola is heavily involved over 
in the incubator.apache.org and I am keen on commons.apache.org.

You can go to both websites to see a basic overview (neither are fully fledged 
yet but are worrks in progress). Basically incubator is where you go to 
create new communitys and codebases while commons is like Jakarta Commons 
except Apache-wide and following the standard Apache rules for each component 
(or grouping).

Firstly I would like everyone to consider starting to move selected parts of 
excalibur over into the commons. In particular the parts I would like to move 
over first are the ones that are decoupled from Avalon/Framework. In 
particular the following list of components are candidates. 

Component         Committers
bzip              peter + some ant devs?
tar               peter + some ant devs?
zip               peter + some ant devs?
naming            peter + anyone else like u Berin?
extension         phoenix devs
policy            phoenix devs
loader (when stable) 
                  phoenix devs
converter         peter + Eung-Ju
i18n              peter + Eung-Ju
cache             Eung-Ju
cli               peter + Berin
io (maybe merge with j-c io) 
                  peter + Berin + jeff

Theres a few other components that may move but the above gives us a start. 
Does anyone want add anything to the above list (either components or 
committers)? As most of these components are stable, being a committer will 
basically mean you go over there and help any problems that arise and maybe 
add a smidgen more docs or code fix ups.



Peter Donald
A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take from you. 
        -- Ramsey Clark

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