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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Re[2]: OSGi
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 08:06:02 GMT

Don't worry I don't think it came through to the list because it was too big 
or something. I wouldn't mind seeing a copy of this aswell if you got a URI 
or can send it to me ;)

I have looked at OSGi before. I actually spent a couple of weeks going through 
OSGi, HPs CSF and comparing to Avalon ages ago. I am probably going to have 
another look at OSGi but probably wont have a chance to do it justice for a 
week or so so don't worry if there is no response for a while.

Anyways, from my memory OSGi actually is a slightly different style of 
framework and solves a lot of problems that Avalon has yet to handle (ie we 
have no consistent deployment or library format, nor do we have standards for 
native librarys access). 

It would be great to see Avalon adopt a format that was at least interoperable 
with OSGi. IIRC OSGi had ServiceFactorys for each bundle that would allow 
"foreign" component models like Avalon to be exported from a Bundle.

Avalon currently does not have the infrastructure to gracefully support OSGis 
Bundles. However it is likely that our next generation architecture will be 
able to use OSGi bundles as easily as current Avalon code. It would be an 
interesting exercise to support it. 

I also seem to recal that OSGI also defined a set of "work" interfaces for 
services such as HttpServers and like. Depending on their exact 
characteristerics they could definetly be useful to us (Lack of such 
interface specifications was actually discussed on Phoenix-dev today).

However I think you will find that the legalese and licensing will be the 
major block to adoption. RAND patent licensing effectively cuts off our 
ability to implement something. Inability to aquire TCKs except by forking 
out $ is also a problem with most of us as many of us work on Apache stuff 
out of our own pockets. Inability to participate in specification process 
except by forking out $ is another feature that is likely to discourage 


Peter Donald
| You can't wake a person who is pretending      |
|       to be asleep. -Navajo Proverb.           |

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