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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Map and Array Dependencies
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 13:25:23 GMT
On Tue, 1 Oct 2002 22:59, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> I think a sensible approach is to do what Linux Kernel development does.
> It branches the development into a Stable branch and a Development
> branch.  The truth is we need a *stable* Phoenix.
> By splitting the development in that way, we don't stifle Phoenix's
> development but we also provide a stable branch for users.

Thats effectively what we are doing. Theres a FACTORY branch for some of the 
risky changes submitted By Igor. I have also held of committing large chunks 
of code precisely because they are not stable/tested enough.

Theres plenty of stuff that I haven't committed and wont till we get a 

> > For example we have talked about allowing Map as dependencies since
> > before you were involved with Avalon - way back when it was just me
> > Berin, Fede and Stefano. Arrays have been "approved" before but no one
> > ever got around to implementing them.
> I'll be honest, I don't recall those conversations or the problems that
> the Map/Array were supposed to solve. They probably occured, 

It was during our ComponentSelector/NamedComponentManager/ nested 
ComponentManager "discussions". IIRC I think it was Fede who wanted simple 
types (Map and array), me who wanted nested ComponentManagers and you and 
Stefano who wanted Selectors.

> but I am
> not sure that forcing a returned value based on a postfix is probably
> not the best answer.

Okay then don't think of it as a postfix. Think of it as indicating a type. 
Dont think of "com.biz.Foo[]" as "com.biz.Foo" with "[]" postfix. Think it as 
an array type. (Of course we need to have a special notation for maps as java 
lacks any native associative arrays).

> I would be much more comfortable if we had a stable branch (which can be
> separate from the MAIN branch).  The stable branch would only have bug
> fixes for six months, or until we are ready to make the development
> branch the stable one.
> Do you think that would be possible?

It is effectively what we are doing sans the unstable branch. ie Anything that 
I consider too risky is being developed outside of Apache CVS, on a branch or 
in excalibur.

You possibly seen reference to "Spice" which is the container I developed 
using CK. It is similar to Merlin2 with minor differences and is effectively 
my testing ground where I try out the ideas. Most of it will be migrated back 
to CK/Info/Phoenix over time but it wont be done while Phoenix is in stable 

I think it will be two more releases on the stable trunk before I break off 
and start implementing new slightly more risky features.


Peter Donald
| Every rule has an exception,   |
| except the rule of exceptions. |

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