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From Peter Kriens <Peter.Kri...@aqute.se>
Subject OSGi
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 13:06:06 GMT
The Avalon framework seems to address the same area that the
Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi, www.osgi.org) addresses. This work,
which started as one of the first JSRs in 1998, has
resulted in a comprehensive specification for a services framework
initially targeting the home network/automation but became much more
horizontal in the past 2 years.

The Release 2 spec can be downloaded from the web site
http://www.osgi.org/resources/docs/spr2book.pdf (There is no licensing
involved). The next release, that is focused on the car industry but
contains many more horizontal (optional) services (twice as much
text), is due Q1 2003. It will likely add a component wiring model,
start levels (similar to run levels), communication service,
Jini, UPnP, architectures, positioning, measurements,
xml parsers, namespace, and much more. A technical introduction can be
found in http://www.osgi.org/news/osgi_news/marples_layout.pdf. There
was also an article in Java Developers Journal this year called "The
last mile of software deployment". (If you are interested, I can send
you the PDF).

There are already several open source versions in the making, search on
www.sourceforge.org for OSGi. OpenSugar (a member) promised last week on the
OSGi world congress to submit their framework for compliance after
which they will make it OSS as well (www.objectweb.org).

The result is component framework that is applicable in many different
areas. Some of these areas can be found in http://www.osgi.org/about/OSGi_Fact_Sheet_SeptFINAL.pdf
So far, 11 companies, among which the big guns like IBM and SUN, have a
compliant framework including the optional services. The spec has been
serious work by very experienced people over a significant amount of
time. with many f2f meetings The feedback that technical people
give about this spec is almost without exception very positive.

Why am I telling this? I would like to ask the Avalon group to take a look
at the OSGi specification and see if some form of compatibility is feasible.

I had a prior discussion with Leo Simons before this mail and I understand that are
many legal concerns. Strangely enough, all his non-technical arguments
were exactly the arguments that caused the OSGi specification to leave
JCP and become an independent consortium. The OSGi members are very
concerned for specifications that will contain licensed IPR and the whole
structure of the OSGi is based on equal membership, statements of
work, and a requirement to claim IPR to a specification before it is published.

However, I am not a lawyer and the legal issue would require some
of those. But maybe we can first have a technical discussion before we dive
into the politics and legalities?

About me. I have been heavily involved in the technical work of these
specifications since 1998. However, I sent this mail personally, not as an
OSGi representative. I am very interested in getting the specs implemented in
Apache code. Obvioulsy because I have a stake in the success of these
specifications, but even more because I think they are good enough to be
used much wider. So I am willing to devote time to the
development of Avalon if it is willing to consider implementing the
OSGi specs. I know this is asking a lot, but I think it may create a
very good synergy that helps the OSGi with more visibility and Avalon with
a large chunk of ready made specifications and adopters. Better, we
would not splinter the Java world with multiple service delivery
frameworks, though there exists at least 1 company that would not
mind :-)

So, could we have a -technical- discussion about
having Avalon implement the OSGi specifications? If we see
possibilities, we can get the (professional) lawyers involved later :-)

Kind regards,

   Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens                              Tel. +46 30039800
Finnasandsvägen 22                        Fax. +46 30039805
SE-43933 Onsala                           Mob. +46705950899

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