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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Is inter SAR communication yet possible?
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:18:47 GMT
On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 13:42, Richard van der Laan wrote:
> Hello there,

Hi Richard!

> While reading through the mail archives I found some
> matches on this topic, but it still isn't clear to me
> if the current version of Phoenix is supporting this
> feature.

It doesn't.

> If it isn't (yet) available, will it be
> included future versions?

Depends on what you mean...and if someone has a need for it/feels like
doing it.

> By inter SAR communication I mean that SARs will have
> the ability to depend on components published by other
> deployed SARs and then are able to lookup and access
> these components. This similar to blocks in one SAR.
> Component lookup will create the need for some sort of
> naming service, this using some sort of JNDI or a
> special componentmanager implementation.

As I remember the discussions, we have sort-of agreed that if you need a
JNDI functionality, you should resort to JNDI instead of use a
brew-your-own CM-based version.

Also, the entire idea of SARs is that they are isolated from each other
at the avalon lifecycle/phoenix level (refer to the Isolate JSR for jdk

That said, you could either have your components publish themselves
(which I see as Subversion of Control), create a child container
(perhaps based around one of the other containers like fortress or
merlin) that handles the publishing, or write a custom phoenix Kernel
(or possibly a custom Manager) to do it.

I'm not aware of open source avalon containers or phoenix
extensions/customisations that do this.

Note there are other ideas wrt inter-application communication that do
not use a centralized directory mechanism. You might want to look at

> Use of
> dynamic proxies and customizable interceptors at this
> level will also be great.

While it could be cool, there's quite a few ways to do this in a way
leading to very bad design (which is probably the main reason why it
doesn't work that way atm in phoenix). Some phoenix developers are
looking into using interceptor-like architecture....I suspect it'll take
quite a while for that to fall into place though...


Leo Simons (ook Nederlander)

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