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From Jakob Praher <praher....@liwest.at>
Subject broken link on site and announcement
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 13:49:44 GMT
hi all,

my name is Jakob Praher, and I have to say that avalon is really an
interesting project.

I use avalon to implement a physician search system for austrian
physicians and really like the way COP works in avalon. 

While reading the new-styled website (which is really great) I found a
broken link on 
where it should be
instead of
at the bottom of the page.

I would like to use this opportunity to announce a project which I hope
will be interesting to you:
(and I hope some of you will actively help building)

Allthough I haven't set the website and cvs up - it will occur during
the weekend - I have registered a project called metaphor on sourceforge
- which has the following aims:

* Implement a COP oriented L-GPLed XML Schema Library aimed at reuse.
(at later time I also would like to implement other schema languages
like the MSV from sun does this - but MSV AFAIK is licensed under SCSL -
which is no community enabled license - no changes allowed )

* Work with MOF and JMI to enable MetaMeta based applications - for
instance code generation that follows a kind of MVC style - where the
MOF is the Model and the files are the views - so you can change the
model through one of the views and all the views will be updated.
(no sync problems when updating the code after generating it from a
domain specific xml file or something like that)

please not that this is a very early announcement - I just have a simple
api set (only interfaces right now) based on the xml schema
recommendation lying on my hard disk right now - but I am looking
forward to hearing from your you

thanks in advance

-- Jakob

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