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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Maven, notes from XtC with James Strachan and Vincent Massol
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 06:34:26 GMT

>>> I'm going to compare notes with some people who have been using it 
>>> for a while and see what they think.  
>> OK, I've chatted to others at XtC last night.  There seems to be 
>> nothing but admiration for Maven.  Of those using Maven for the last 
>> couple of months amonsgst my contacts, there have been no regrets.
>> I think we should avail of Jason (and others) help.  It may be best 
>> to start in Avalon-Excalibur as I have spend loads of time 
>> harmonising the build files.  If every a project-object-model was 
>> justifiable, Excalibur is it.  There is about 50:50 split between 
>> Anakia and Cocoon for doc building, but flipping to one or the other 
>> for consitency should not be hard now.
> Maybe 60:40 - Merlin has dropped Anika in favour of Cocoon.

Yup, that makes me remember the thing that has been nagging me since 
mulling this Maven thing -  We are being disloyal to Nicola Ken.  He's 
been a loyal fan and servant of the Avalon and Cocoon community since 
the beginning of the year (and probably before) and we invited him into 
our CVS, originally with much enthusiasm to turn everything into a 
Centipede compatible build system.  In the ideal world two projects 
would never have started at the same time with people from the same 
community, but it happened.  I guess there is difference enough to 
preclude a merger nowadays.  

Nicola, this is nothing personal, it is just an inevitability given 
Maven is going primetime and the bleeding edge Apache projects are 
moving towards it.


- Paul

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