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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: All committers please read -> Bad Karma is happening.
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 09:39:08 GMT

>>> so perhaps Peter can clarify where the
>>> differences for alternate container should be apparent.
>> No you summed it up well. All the containers I will work on will have 
>> a common model. Currently this is evolving but getting closer to set 
>> and is basically defined in containerkit project.
> Umm, sounds familiar - a common model defined within a scope that 
> enabled YOU personally to veto anything that YOU personally don't 
> like. Reality check - containerkit doesn't work for Merlin, doesn't 
> work for Fortress.  Do you indent to deal with this or simply discount 
> the rest of us as irrelevant to you view of the world ?

With respect to Peter, the .xinfo contract was not the product of a 
rushed design.  Stephen, please pull back from personal attack.

>> It would be great to see other containers reusing the shared 
>> components and this will happen in time. My initial motivation was to 
>> enable myrmidon, and cocoon sharing with Phoenix sharing as a fringe 
>> benefit.
>> Hence in the future BlockInfo will probably be deprecated and 
>> replaced with the more comprehensive ComponentInfo. 

Are we talking BlockInfo.java here?  Or .xinfo?

> [...]

> [...]  The API is not defined by the DTD.  Please - let's focus on one 
> layer at a time and keep the discussion cleanly focussed on the issues 
> at hand.
> The objective  is one DTD that address all of the requirements - not 
> just yours.

With respect, if the DTD allows elements and attributes that Phoenix 
cannot use, then there is a possibility that the block developer might 
avail of those features and thus, yes it is part of the API.  

- Paul

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