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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: avalon suitability for my purposes
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:57:21 GMT

Binary Runner wrote:

>I've read the docs on web and I think the avalon
>could be suitable for my needs from them. I want
>to ask you for a push to the right 
>I'd like to write application where everything
>runs on server and the client access it remotely,
>as thin as posssible. The clients I consider are 
>web (http), console and gui, with the security
>in mind. I think that it something could be done
>with avalon + phoenix + jo (probably). I would 
>like to know what projects I should look at and 
>which way to combine them to achieve desired 
>result. I'm asking you as more experienced 
>developers to avoid at least some painful blind 
>alleys. I probably even don't know about some
>usefull works out there.


   * don't use the org.apache.avalon.framework.component.* classes

     These have been replaced by the ...framework.service.* classes
     which basically do the same thing but give you a lot more freedom
     in how you do it.

   * make a decision early about the container/s your going to use

     - Phoenix is great for mounting "big" servers (like a web-server,
       ftp-server, etc), but don't use Phoenix for fine-grain component
       management (it's too heavy and lacks support for embedding)

     - Fortress and Merlin 2.0 are the containers of choice if your thinking
       about embedded components (i.e. running a component inside a
       servlet).  Fortress is more stable than Merlin at this time but
       both are moving targets.

   * make sure you understand the implications of using existing components

     - When you use something out of the Exclibur CVS, try to get a good
       picture on its status - Excalibur project contains a mix of tried-
       and-tested together with pre-alpha content and the management of
       versions and status is not what it could be.

     - If your thinking about leveraging the components in the cornerstone
       CVS keep in mind that the same "status" issues apply - some are
       solid, other are not.  If you use anything here you will restrict
       yourself to the Merlin 2 or Phoenix container.

     - If your thinking about leveraging components in the Avalon Apps CVS
       then in general your limiting yourself to Merlin 2 and Phoenix 
and in
       same cases just Merlin (related to components that leverage default
       configuration management).

   * other things

     - checkout AltRMI in Excalibur - it could be relevant to the remote
       management stuff

     - checkout the Apache ORB in the Avalon Apps Enterprise project - 
it is
       also relevant to remote service management

Cheers, Steve.

>Thank you for reply,
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Stephen J. McConnell

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