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From Gerhard Froehlich <g-froehl...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Releasing excalibur subprojects
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:41:22 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can someone give me a hint on what's the procedure to release a
>> subproject? Is a vote necessary?
> For releases, always, as said in our Project Guidelines.
> "
> Release Plan
> A release plan is used to keep all volunteers aware of when a release is 
> desired, who will be the release manager, when the repository will be 
> frozen to create a release, and other assorted information to keep 
> volunteers from tripping over each other. Lazy majority decides each 
> issue in a release plan.
> Release Testing
> After a new release is built, it must be tested before being released to 
> the public. Majority approval is required before the release can be made.
> "
>> I want to release the store, the xmlutil and the sourceresolve
>> subprojects. Anyone against it?
> Before releasing excalibur components, I prefer to check if we can move 
> the stuff elswhere, before creating a legacy here.
> So -1 till anyone wanting to release excalibur stuff explains why these 
> have to be released here versus be in some kind of Commons.
> Now more specific points:
> - xmlutil -1: seems like a package for xml-commons, no Avalon dependency
> - sourceresolve +1: seems like a non-commons-convertible Avalon 
> component to me
> - store -0: it *is* an Avalon Component, but there is a cool simplestore 
> package in Jakarta-commons-sandbox, written by Gerhard Froehlich 
> (g-froehlich@gmx.de) Juozas Baliuka (baliuka@mwm.lt).
> Gerhard, what's the status? Can't we make our store use simplestore as 
> an impl?

I'm not involved in Simplestore, anymore. But it's a OR mapping API (JDO 
and stuff). IMHO that's not needed in Cocoon and Co. The Store 
components in Avalon are simple Data stores (NO DBs). There is a Jisp 
(http://www.coyotegulch.com/algorithm/jisp/index.html) based Store in 
Cocoon. I plan to move it to Excalibur-store to have all Cocoon Store 
components in this subproject. That would be less confusing and more 

What do you think?



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