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From Leif Mortenson <l...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Build problems due to merger of the Instrument projects
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 07:27:21 GMT
First of all, I need to apologize for missing the thread a few weeks ago 
about merging the instrument,
instrument-manager and instrument-client projects.

But I am currently running into build problems because the 3 projects 
were merged.  They had been
intentionally split up to allow the build to work correctly with inter 
project dependencies.

The instrument project was designed to be completely free of any 
dependencies other than an optional
dependency on framework.  It was done this way so that any project could 
feel free to make use of
instrumentation even if they are not actually registered with an 
Instrument Manager.

The instrument project is then required by a number of other projects 
including component and pool.

The instrument-manager project is a higher level project which is 
dependent on a number of other
projects, including component and pool.

The instrument-client project could actually have been merged with the 
instrument-manager project
for build purposes.  But I chose to break it out as it is really 
designed to be a stand alone application.

The problem now is that it is necessary to build the instrument project 
twice in order for the optional
dependency on component to be satisfied.  This is because of the 
following circular dependency that
was created with the merger of the projects.

instrument -> component,pool -> instrument

instrument-manager -> component,pool -> instrument

Unless there are any ideas for how to handle this problem, I am afraid 
that they are going to have
to be moved back the way they were :-/


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