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From Leif Mortenson <l...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Fortress + InstrumentManager
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 04:41:11 GMT
I made a couple additions to Fortress today to get it up and running 
with the InstrumentManager.
It looked like work had been started but not yet completed (?).

There were no api changes, so everything should work as is.   The 
changes were to make the
ComponentFactory and ComponentHandler register components with the 
Instrument Manager
when instances are created.  The instrument names are now generated 
using the id in the
configuration file.

I also updated the swing example application to demonstrate the new 

To see the changes in action, run the swing fortress example along with 
the instrument client

Berin, could you please take a look at the changes and make sure that 
they do not clash with
any of your design goals?

One Question about Fortress is how loggers should be handled. 
 Currently, the InstrumentManager,
RoleManager, LoggerManager etc. are all assigned the root logger in 
ContextManager.  The
problem is that this makes it impossible (??) to filter the logging of 
anything other than the actual
components.  Which can have their logger specified using the logger 

When working with the ECM, I usually assigned loggers to the various 
system managers as follows.
ComponentManager = "cm", LoggerManager="lm", RoleManager="rm", 
You can see an example of this being done in the instrument example_icm 
example.  The benefit
of doing it this way is that the log level for the individual managers 
can be set independently.  The
InstrumentManager, for example, kicks out quite a bit of debug 
information when fully enabled.


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