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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: All committers please read -> Bad Karma is happening.
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 08:44:52 GMT
On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 18:32, Paul Hammant wrote:
> >       My only rationale explination I can see is that Pete is
> >       simply attempting to oppose anything that would facilitate
> >       component reuse outside of Phoenix. I believe that this an
> >       attitude will simply result in the death of Phoenix.  I don't
> >       see that as too great a problem as the Merlin/Fortress work
> >       is in many areas significantly ahead of Phoenix. However,
> >       Pete's continued opposition to an open-container world is
> >       damaging overall Avalon credibility and remains a very real
> >       concern.
> My hope is that Peter is only making sure that the component contract
> changes are well thought out and carefully planned.  I think Peter has
> no formal objections to other containers that can mount either a)
> existing blocks or b) entire SAR files.  With respect to a) I am
> guessing Peter believes the contract with the .xinfo files (and .mxinfo
> for mgmt) is good enough.  I am guessing that Peter has no opposition to
> those other containers not using assembly.xml and config.xml.  I'm
> putting words in Peter's mouth here (my second-guessing gland quite
> often goes into overdrive), so perhaps Peter can clarify where the
> differences for alternate container should be apparent.

No you summed it up well. All the containers I will work on will have a common 
model. Currently this is evolving but getting closer to set and is basically 
defined in containerkit project. It would be great to see other containers 
reusing the shared components and this will happen in time. My initial 
motivation was to enable myrmidon, and cocoon sharing with Phoenix sharing as 
a fringe benefit.

Hence in the future BlockInfo will probably be deprecated and replaced with 
the more comprehensive ComponentInfo. At that point there will be one 
recomended description format and tools will be made to transform BlockInfo 
files into ComponentInfo files and to make generation of info easy.


Peter Donald
| We shall not cease from exploration, and the |
|  end of all our exploring will be to arrive  |
|  where we started and know the place for the |
|            first time -- T.S. Eliot          |

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