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From Christopher Kohlhaas <kohlh...@bonn.edu>
Subject PATCHES Fortress
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 19:46:33 GMT
Appended are two Patches for the Fortress Container.

The "ContextBuilder.patch" fixes a copy and paste typo in

The "ContextManager_Linkage_Error.patch" makes the initialization of
the DefaultConfigurationBuilder lazy. DefaultConfigurationBuilder
calls SAXParserFactory.newInstance() in the Constructor and this will
rise a LinkageError in some environments (for example when you use ant
to start fortress). With the patch this error will not arise, when a
Configuration-object is given.

There is also a small inconvenience with the creation of the
LogKitManager in the initializeLoggerManager() in the ContextManager

The logkit-configuration initialization-DEBUG-information always
appears in the console, no matter what logging configuration you use.
The logger responsible for this output is created in the Constructor
of LogKitManager(String prefix). It is only used during the

Instead the default logger from the ContextManager should be used.

LogKitLoggerManager logManager = new LogKitLoggerManager(
		   ,new org.apache.log.Hierarchy()
		   ,new getLogger());

could be a possible solution.




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