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From Shekhar Jha <shekhar-...@usa.net>
Subject Containers and Phoenix
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2002 15:31:53 GMT
I was browsing the site and came accross the containers Fortress and Merlin(??
Not found any api docs). Also I came across an old email stating
BootStrap - Configures Embeddor
Q. Boot strap here represents the combination of the Launcher and CliMain
Embeddor - Configures Container
Q. How can I replace the default container with fortress/merlin? Or Is this a
valid question? May be i need a course on concept of container.
Container - Runs Hosted Apps
Q. Which component denotes a container in phoenix ( I have been looking at
latest release and NOT nightly builds code). Is it the BlockResourceProvider
which denotes how the block gets the services or the DefaultApplication which
determines the life cycle.
Kernel - Core Container Engine
Q. What does this mean? From code it seems that if we consider the
DefaultApplication as container then it controls and manage the application
and so it is just Multiple Application Manager?

I case this question show that I donot have head or tail of what avalon
container developement is all about, reply stating that would be appreciated
and any pointer on net would be very very helpful

Shekhar Jha
2902 Merrywood Drive
Edison, NJ - 08817
Tel. (732) 548-9408 (O) (732)777-2116 (R)

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