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From Jason van Zyl <ja...@zenplex.com>
Subject Re: [RT] Maven as an Avalon container (Re: Maven, notes from XtC with James Strachan and Vincent Massol)
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:24:18 GMT
On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 07:18, Jeff Turner wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 08:35:36PM -0400, Jason van Zyl wrote:
> ...
> > I can keep making Avalon project descriptors, help others make them,
> > help with a forrest plugin if that's what you would prefer to use for
> > your docs and I will help keep them updated. 
> FYI, I have a basic Forrest plugin working. It is *very* basic though,
> and not yet configurable through ${maven.*} properties. Most of the work
> involves fixing Forrest Ant scripts.
> A random thought wrt. Maven and Avalon: imagine if Maven had an embedded
> Avalon container (phoenix or something), with which plugins could
> register Components to be deployed (eg phoenix .sars). This could have a
> number of uses:

It's not a random thought actually, I wanted plexus and Maven to share
the same container whatever that happens to be. Right now plexus and
Maven are using the same mechanis for processing plugins. Primitive, but
I'm waiting for things to settle down around here before flipping the
container in Plexus. I've chatted with Peter about this too. I've made a
point of not mentioning it as it felt to me like a cheap tactic if I
said Maven might be based on Avalon.
>  - Heavy plugins like Forrest could use a client/server architecture. Eg,
>    the Forrest plugin deploys a 'server' component (Cocoon), and then
>    when the user says 'maven forrest:transform', an RMI request is made
>    to the server: "render directory X". Saves lots of startup time.

We plans for long-lived apps like consoles and the reactor will
definitely be a long-lived process.

>  - One could have 'asynchronous' Maven targets, eg a plugin that scans
>    xdocs/* every 5s, and regenerates any docs that change, or a
>    nightly-build plugin, or other continuous integration-type things like
>    Gump.

Yes, this is the reactor.

> This could possibly be implemented with an 'avalon' plugin, plus a Jelly
> taglib for invoking, deploying and undeploying Components. Plugins can
> then use the jelly taglib to launch whatever stateful components they
> want.
> As the subject says, just a RT..

I think the most important thing for me to do right now is get the docs
back in line so people know what it planned.
> --Jeff
> > At any rate I am hopeful that Maven can provide what you need to make
> > things easier, generally more comprehensible for developers and
> > especially make life easier for your users.
> > 
> > > James spent quite a bit of time talking of Jelly.  Way cool, check it 
> > > out:  http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/sandbox/jelly/
> > > 
> > > Regards,
> > > 
> > > - Paul
> --
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Jason van Zyl

In short, man creates for himself a new religion of a rational
and technical order to justify his work and to be justified in it.
  -- Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society

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