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From "Yauheny Mikulski" <for_...@infonet.by>
Subject C# Avalon place and build system
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 22:54:29 GMT
Dear All,

I'd like to consider the following problem:

>On Mon, 5 Aug 2002 22:41, Henri Yandell wrote:
> Has anyone given any thought as to how to integrate a C# build system into
> the current Java one? Is it just src/cSharp, where would unit tests go
> etc.

1. CVS Directory Structure

Before talking about build-system, I'd like to solve the problem concerning
to C# Avalon place in CVS.

I consider, the best way is not to make a mess among JAVA and C# code so
I think it's not a bad idea to do that way:

 - Make directory  jakarta-avalon/src/cs  for C# Avalon in CVS.

 - The CVS Directory structure might be:

                           | - java                  : java souces
                               | - ...
                           | - cs                     : C# sources
                               | - apache
                                   | - avalon       : C# Avalon Framework
                                       | - bin        : library storage
                                       | - src        : C# sources
                                       | - test       : Avalon tests
                                   | - excalibur   : C# Excalibur
                                       | - bin
                                       | - src
                                       | - test
                               | - build.xml       : C# Avalon build system
                               | - TODO.txt

- bin directory  is the same as lib in Java. It's a library storage.
- about build.xml see below.

The rest seems to be clear.

2. Build System

I think the C# Avalon Build System should be separated from JAVA one cause
I don't see any solutions to use common build system for both
but I think we shouldn't do it.

The NAnt ( .NET/C#  Ant implementation) is the best way to solve the
It works with the same build.xml file under the same rules and so on.
But NAnt has its own tasks and, of course, Ant knows nothing about them.

So the solution is:
 - make separate build.xml for NAnt.
 - select the tasks from Avalon Build System, that C# Avalon one needs only.
 - make the C# Avalon build system (concerning the task names) similar to
Java ancestor.
   It would help people, who know the Avalon Build System, understand C#
-  C# Avalon builds would be made with the help of NAnt.
- I'd write instructions-explanations ( BUILDING.txt file).

I eager to know your notes and comments. They are always welcome.

Best Regards,
    Yauheny Mikulski (Jeff).

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