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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject I might need some direction in the next few days
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 18:59:31 GMT
I want to get this Merlin/Fortress merging working.  Since Both projects
have their own notion of loadable containers, I am going to look at how
to create my own container in Merlin.  I will commit the source code to
Fortress CVS--adding a new requirement.

However, here is where we have some overlap, and different ways of doing

ContainerManager vs. Merlin Kernel
* ContainerManager takes care of dynamically creating services if they
  do not already exist, and deferring to a parent if the services exist.
* ContainerManager does all its work with a Context object.
* Merlin does all its work with (surprise!) meta-info passed around
* The Merlin Kernel acts as a central management point--like Phoenix
* Fortress has no central management point and was left to the developer
  (of course for simple systems no management point is necessary).

Fortress Container vs. Merlin Container
* They are essentially the same thing in both areas
* Merlin has somewhat stricter requirements to make the Kernel and
  container talk to each other.
* Fortress has its Container interface that strictly acts as a way
  for the Service/ComponentManagers to talk to the container itself.
* Both Merlin and Fortress containers directly handle the mapping of
  request to resolution--although in very different ways.

Because Fortress essentially has fewer requirements for its Container,
it only seems natural to try and make the Fortress Container fit the
Merlin model--and see if we can have an interroperable container.

One thing that I would like to know:

Can the kernel have a set of kernel level services?  Already logging
is implemented that way, and I want to put stuff like the CommandManager
in the kernel.  We really only need one--although if necessary, I will
maintain it in the Fortress Container.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
 deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                - Benjamin Franklin

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