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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@osm.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] change license header
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 14:40:11 GMT


Leo Simons wrote:

>The ASF board requires us to include the full ASF license in all source
>code. We currently don't; we should change this.
>The proposal is simply that we do.
>I'm putting this up for vote as there was previously a -1 on this
>subject. I'd say this is a lazy vote (it is not something we actually
>have a right to vote about). Any -1 will result in me getting in touch
>with the PMC to have them invalidate the -1 if appropriate, as I have
>recently understood that is the proper action to be taken.
>here's my +1.
>- Leo Simons
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>From: Berin Loritsch <bloritsch@apache.org>
>To: Avalon Developer's List <avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
>Subject: [RANT] Arbitrary Changes Have To Stop
>Date: 08 Jul 2002 09:45:50 -0400
>Source code header files.  By mandate of Apache Software Foundation
>   than Jakarta or XML project committes) we *need* the full version.  I
>   to put them in, but someone reverted them.  I am not going to fight
>it in
>   CVS, so let's get it done here.  Stefano already took it as high as
>he could,
>   so until we have the version 2.0 license available, we need to use
>the full
>   version.
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Stephen J. McConnell

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