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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject RE: Migrating from ECM
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 06:31:29 GMT
On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 22:39, Robert wrote:
> You are right, and actually the container (ECM in this case) does not
> make the component available if it throws a configure exception (which
> it will). Let me try this another way :-)
> Maybe this isn't 'right', but if one component fails, then I would like
> the whole container to not service anything. Basically say that the
> container didn't configure because of component XYZ not configuring. I'm
> sure that breaks some contract or other, as it makes the container
> dependant on the components it is containing. I'm sure I can do a
> workaround, but just haven't gotten to it yet.

Actually, sounds like it could be very useful =)

If one component is a security manager that gets its configuration from
a database component, then if the database component fails the system
should stop, right? (not talking about whether this is a smart setup :)

That the idea?

I can see extending the metainfo to have a property "required" where the
does stuff like

catch( ConfigurationException ce )
	log.error( "#$@*!@" );

			"required component not functioning properly" );
		System.exit( -1 );

the question is whether this case is common enough to put it in a
container by standard or if it should require extensions. Completely
pluggable lifecycle handlers would help (which I mentioned briefly wrt
Marcus' extensible lifecycle code for fortress).

> I really don't want to make one super component as it would be really
> ugly and wouldn't really 'fit'. Besides, I use the Excalibur connection
> pooling :-)

:-) Didn't get what you were talking about before. What you need is not
a callback, just a metainfo extension =)

> In any event, I'm by no means complaining about Avalon!! I really love
> it actually. Just thinking out loud I guess.
> I appreciate all the thoughts though!


- Leo

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