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From Corey Jewett <co...@triumphevents.com>
Subject Re: Using Fortress for new project
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 22:18:49 GMT

For what it's worth the following is what I've been doing. I'm still a
rookie at this too so if it's completely bogus I'm sure somebody will
let us know. Also I haven't used Fortress, but my understanding is that
Fortress is a container. My limited familiarity is with the
ExcaliburComponentManager (ECM) which is also a container, but it's
being phased out. The container provides the lifecycle maintenance and
the lookup mechanisms for your components.

The way I would implement your system is to create three components -- 
RawDataProvider, ComputedDataStore, and AbstractComputer.
AbstractComputer would be responsible for providing the generic
lifecycle of all Computer implementations. The generic lifecycle would
include obtaining a ServiceManager, or direct references to your DB
components. (Depending on Threading model.)

To use your components you would embed your container (Fortress) in your
application (CLI, GUI, etc.) and use lookup() to retrieve your specific
business component.


On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 14:41, gilles.philippart@ota.fr.socgen.com wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm starting a new project based on Fortress.
> I read the examples provided by Marcus and found some material to get
> started.
> Here is a simplistic description of the project :
> There's a business core composed of 3 components :
>     * RawDataProvider (reads data from database)
>     * Computer (does some computation on the datas, and creates some other
> computed datas)
>     * ComputedDataStore (writes new data to database)
>     The main component is Computer (uses RawDataProvider and
> ComputedDataStore) and has a business method : compute(Data[] data);
> Now I would like to be able to launch the computation from :
>     * command line (batch mode)
>     * GUI client
>     * embedded in a server (in my case, it's CORBA, but it could be EJB as
> well)
> Now if Berin, Leo or Peter could answer my 3 questions :)
> 1 - Do I have to write a specific Container for each case ?
> 2 - If so, how would you design them ?
> 3 - What is the purpose of the container ? Why do we have to write a
> Container at all ?
> Thanks for any answer :)
> Gilles Philippart
> Societe Generale
> Stock Lending and Borrowing IT Team
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