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From Adam Rossi <adam.ro...@platinumsolutions.com>
Subject RE: One Container Revisited
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 15:09:29 GMT
On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 10:47, Leo Sutic wrote:
> And to this comes the committment threshold. As you start using metainfo
> and everything, you committ your app more and more to the Avalon way of
> creating applications. Maybe that isn't possible. Maybe you can not
> fulfill the requirements a sophisticated container puts on your system
> design. Again, the simplest of the three containers would come with 
> minimum requirements (no assembly spec required, etc...).
> So let me ask you - how would you solve this problem?
> /LS

I would put on my KISS hat and make the container with the broadest
utility and appeal the default container. I would then make the other
containers "add-ons" that provide additional services, at the cost of
additional configuration, developer commitment, etc. These other
container choices will be kept to a minimum, based on their distinct
benefits / subject matter.

So, as a newbie, I can just download Avalon and run an example app with
the default configuration. I can get to know the application, and I can
begin to understand the possibilities. I am made aware that there are
other, more complex containers for more complex requirements, and I move
to them when I recognize that I need them.

That is how I would solve the problem.

- Adam

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