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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject RE: status of doc generation
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:00:19 GMT
> From: Leo Simons [mailto:leosimons@apache.org] 
> All,
> both Nicola and me have been sick (poor fellas, we are :P) so 
> we're not moving as fast as planned. Marc Portier (from 
> Forrest) has had some more urgent things to attend to so his 
> planned contributions are on the backburner. Berin is always 
> busy but is still doing nice work.

Poor guys.

> book.xml/project.xml --> menu.xml 
> ================================= Berin's changed cocoon to 
> use menu.xml and is now looking at doing the same for anakia. 
> The result is that some subsubprojects in avalon-apps are 
> still broken (there is no menu) because menu.xml needs to be updated.

For Excalibur, it is done.

> removal of cruft
> ================
> Projects that use cocoon within excalibur or apps can now 
> suffice with some very simple <ant/> calls to a common file, 
> and do not need any images/ or dtd/ stuff mingled in with 
> their xdocs anymore (the same is true for the main avalon module).

I am removing the last remaining bits of cruft, and fixing the
individual doc building problems while I'm at it.

> Speed
> =====
> The latest cocoon seems even faster. I think it approaches 
> speed of the <style/> task in ant, though not quite. For me, 
> it is acceptible.
> We're far from done. Here's a list of stuff still needing work:

It's pretty quick.

> Things still to do
> ==================
> This is top-of-my-head stuff.
> Things we need to do soon (ie two-week-deadline)
> ------------------------------------------------
> - fix "developing with avalon"

It builds properly, and uses the menu.xml

> - fix last few bits in avalon-apps

I'll look into that.

> - update anakia build scripts to use menu.xml

For Excalibur, this is done.

> - update anakia to use document-v10.dtd

This is a will do--We at least get something
even with Cocoon.  It's not pretty, but we
get something.

> Thins we want to do
> -------------------
> - move to use document-v11.dtd


> - move to use libre (maybe)

:/  I have to be convinced its really better

> - extract common functionality for doc generation like has 
> happened for excalibur & apps and move this to jakarta-avalon-site

+1.  I would like to have a docbuild.xml file, which will choose
     Anakia/Cocoon based on a property.

> - add layer between ant documentation targets and actual tool 
> like has happened for apps
> - make menu.xml more similar across the board


> - make titles more similar across the board


> - increase speed of cocoon

That's a Cocoon concern--its fast enough for now.  The most important
thing is reducing its memory requirements.

> - move anakia projects back to cocoon (maybe)

The important thing is that we get to a common base, and let the
individual project decide.

> - decide what to do about custom branding of subprojects (ie 
> use the phoenix logo/merlin logo I made recently, or not)

the project.xml (now menu.xml) file format has a <logo/> element,
which we need to support.

> - write "avalon for beginners"
> - improve docs for cornerstone
> - document the new doc gen process
> - inform other jakarta/xml projects of our new doc gen process
> - add notes to excalibur components that will move (have been 
> moved) to commons
> - set up/write FAQ
> - figure out how to have cocoon wrap the contents of <code> 
> at 60 characters

:/  I would be happy enough with a warning.

> - set up PDF generation for all documentation

+1  That is part of the Forrest effort.

> - extract out the functionality in our build process usuable 
> to everyone and move it to forrest/centipede/wherever

Forrest is in the process of "productizing" a cocoon doc
generation environment.  It will make maintaining the skins/
PDF docs, etc. much easier.

> If I do it all by myself it'll take around 2 years =)

You're not alone.

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