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From Henri Yandell <bay...@generationjava.com>
Subject Re: [Avalon Packages -> Commons] We want to move packages to Commons: can you help? [Commons-Avalon]
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:06:41 GMT

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Peter Donald wrote:

> >1)
> >Zip, tar and bzip2 seem like potential packages of one project. Codec? Or
> >a new one named Compress or some such?
> bzip should be kept separate as it is useful outside of those who use it to
> compress archives.

I'm not getting you here. What are the other uses for bzip?

> >I notice the tar stuff is from Tim
> >Endres. Is this now the definitive version of his work and the ice.com
> >stuff at gjt.org is just an oldie, or has it been forked?
> The tar stuff comes from ant which I believe was forked back ages ago (I
> believe Tim wanted to continue using (L)GPL which Ant couldn't use). I
> think the ant one has a few more features (handles sun/gnu tars) but not
> entirely sure.

It appears to be public domain now. I wonder what the state of gjt.org is
nowadays. Has seemed quiet for quite a long time.

>  >Thread stuff. Any reason not to merge these into a subproject called
> >thread? I can understand not putting them in Lang. Doesn't make sense to
> >fatten that up with stuff just because Thread is in java.lang.
> The different components have different dependencies and at different
> stages of evolution so it doesn't seem wise to try and keep them together.

I see what you mean. The Thread package seems quite tied to Avalon [from a
brief look at imports] while ThreadContext looks very generic and a good
candidate for org.apache.commons.lang.thread.

I see what you mean. ThreadContext looks pretty generic and reusable. Do
you see it as being something that can slip into the Lang project at
org.apache.commons.lang.thread, or as something that would live as its own
ThreadContext project? The proposal for Lang is that it provides
enhancements to packages within the java.lang package. Up until now this
has basically meant primitive/common types and common classes like
Exception. java.lang.Thread qualifies under this, but probably has the
scope to be its own project.

Thread on the other hand seems to be more highlevel with dependencies on
Avalon [none of them seem that tight] and some design considerations for
linking to Avalon things like Executable. Of course I'm not that clued up
on Avalon yet.

> >3)
> >Cli. Peter Donald's cli is quoted as one of the sources of Commons.Cli.
> >I guess Peter/Bob/John would need to discuss whether Commons.Cli fully
> >replaces Exc.Cli yet.
> Had a brief look and it does not look like commons one is (or intends to
> be) the same as GNU standard.

I think they may support the GNU standard as an option [or plan to],
similar to Jakarta ORO's support of different forms of regexp. I could be
wrong though.



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