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From "Gonzalo A. Diethelm" <gonzalo.dieth...@aditiva.com>
Subject RE: Avalon 5 and integration
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:31:59 GMT
> > If this has been brought up before, my apologies. One of the
> > things I would like to see in Avalon 5 (4.5, x+1, whatever)
> > is documented patterns for integration with other component
> > models (I'm using the word component in a loose sense here).
> > For example, we are using EJBs in other projects, and I think
> > it would be great to have a documented way of approaching
> > these scenarios:
> Please, no alarms about Avalon 5.

???  Don't know what you mean by that...

> Now, as to you request for documentation, that can be satisfied
> while we are still in A4.

Ok, although I did say "(4.5, x+1, whatever)".

> There are several approaches we can take.  There are several component
> models that Avalon can work with (or within).  These include:
> * EJBs
> * Servlets
> * Role Your Own
> For something like a servlet architecture, the best approach is
> embedding
> an Avalon container within the servlet.  There are two ways you can do
> it.  For the simple case where you have one servlet servicing all your
> requests, you have that contain the embedded Avalon container and make
> your calls to that.  For a more distributed case, you would bind the
> container to JNDI and have all servlets access it.  (Use a special
> purpose
> servlet that exists just to bind the Avalon container).
> To use a hybrid environment, where some components are EJBs or CORBA
> components and some are Avalon components, you would have to apply the
> same trick for the distributed servlets.  Bind the Avalon container to
> JNDI and access it from all the other components.  Unfortunately there
> is no portable way to do that.  You can't use EJBs to bind the container
> either because their environment is too constrained (no access to the
> filesystem, no write access to JNDI, etc.).
> To use Avalon as your fa├žade to the external EJB/CORBA components you
> *must* use the ServiceManager interface because it returns an Object
> instead of artificially forcing you to implement Component.
> For the Role Your Own components, it is your architecture so you have
> to decide.
> Hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction.  If there
> is anyone willing to donate some detailed instructions on how to best
> implement this, the Avalon team would be more than happy to post those
> instructions on the web.

This is good info, hopefully someone who knows how to do it will
take the time and make it the beginnings of documentation for the
use cases I enumerated.


Gonzalo A. Diethelm

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