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From Ole Bulbuk <Ole.Bul...@ebp.de>
Subject AW: Implementing custom marker interfaces
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 11:44:40 GMT
> 	So, subclassing doesn't seem to be the solution.
> 	Another issue is that it seems to be quite difficult to insert a
> 	custom marker mid-way into a component's 
> startup/destruction phase.
> 	I know this one won't come up as often as the others 
> above, but as an
> 	example Lief had this problem supporting the Instrumentable
> 	marker interface.
> 	I think we still need a way to ensure the defined order of the
> 	standard avalon startup/destruction interfaces, but it could be 
> 	useful to include the ability to insert custom ones during
> 	component startup (or should we consider the startup/destruction
> 	process to be immutable ?).
> 	I've taken a look at both the ECM/ECS and Fortress 
> code, but both
> 	don't seem to cover this space just yet (?). I'm 
> looking for ideas
> 	about how to add such functionality to our existing classes that
> 	doesn't require excessive subclassing of handlers or component
> 	managers.
> 	Any ideas ? thoughts ?

I would suggest a generic solution instead of an objectoriented one
(callbacks instead of subclasses ;-).

So a component manager would have a list of callbacks for lookup and one for
release. These callbacks would get the component as a parameter.
This would even give nice ways to do very flexible things (e.g. via
anonymous classes as callbacks :-).
The cm would need methods to
- register a callback for lookup,
- deregister a callback for lookup,
- register a callback for release and
- deregister a callback for release.

The methods lookup and release would simply iterate over their list and
execute all the callbacks. For easier management the callbacks should have a
method that returns their name. So everybody could ask for a list of the
names of the callbacks. And a new callback could be inserted at the right
position in the list.


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