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From Pete Carapetyan <p...@datafundamentals.com>
Subject Re: The need for 'hints'
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:45:30 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:

>    Avalon Container                              Avalon Client
>    Architecture                                  Architecture
>   |----------------|     |----------------|     |----------------|
>   | integrity      |<--->| knowledge      |<--->| simplicity     |
>   | reuse          |     | practices      |     | usability      |
>   | portability    |     | context        |     | efficiency     |
>   | security       |     |                |     | consistency    |
>   | scalability    |     |                |     |                |
>   | reliability    |     |                |     |                |
>   |----------------|     |----------------|     |----------------|
You forgot to mention motherhood, apple pie, loyalty, minimizing 
keysrokes, and fairness to our brothers. (Nice swordplay, huh?)

Integrity, security, scalability and reliability, efficiency and 
consistency are attributes of good programming. It is not that Avalon is 
not about these things because, Avalon is about good programming sure. 
But does that mean that everything that is good programming must be 
implemented within Avalon?

The objective of Avalon is COP or loose coupling or re-use or 
portability or whatever term you want to use for it. Same basic idea, 
different terminology.

Everything else is just good programming. VERY important yes, but not 
the domain of Avalon. I can f*** up any of these magnificently, using 
Avalon or not. As soon as you make Avalon complex just to effect a 
police action against some idea of bad programming which is extraneous 
to COP, then you are on the slippery slope to goofiness and sillyness. 
Not bad, just extraneous. If, on the other hand, you can have it and 
keep Avalon straightforward, then you are golden. But simplicity must be 
deciding factor on whether or not it stays or goes.

Do one thing. Do it well. KISS.

Another saying floating around:
There is no sure way to success, but there is one guaranteed way to 
fail, which is trying to be all things to all people.

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