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From Pete Carapetyan <p...@datafundamentals.com>
Subject Re: What is Avalon?
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:19:39 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> However while people still insist that mixing concerns is a good thing 
> then I doubt there can be just one container.
> It would be an absolutely fantastic thing to have one though.

One container or many, it matters not. As long as all the containers 
follow the exact same set of rules and thus everything below them were 
truly re-uesable in any other container. But the promised of Avalon is 
betrayed immediately when (COP != reUseability), for any reason, 
including but not limited to container hell. Same with the syntactical 
rules. If one has one set of syntactical rules, and another has another, 
all you are doing is confirming that the syntactical rules are like 
straight OO, chaos reigns. KISS again.

There is also the branding problem - competing containers can really 
confuse the prospective market. If there is a payoff in doing that, I 
don't see it, but I am an outsider so maybe there is more there than 
meets the eye. I have been reading Avalon posts for months and I still 
couldn't tell you what the containers are for.

What it says to me is *hey, we got this really cool idea but we couldn't 
really make it work smoothly, so we just fudged it a few different ways 
and now we can't really tell which one works*. Now I know in my cortex 
that this isn't the case, but still the taste in the mouth lingers.

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