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From Jeremias Maerki <jeremias.mae...@outline.ch>
Subject Re: What is Avalon?
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 06:33:12 GMT
> Avalon evolves. When it was mentioned that a tomcat developer disliked avalon 
> because there are always code changes when upgrading. Two responses:
>  1) Its a framework, frameworks evolve
>  2) When you pick a version, an upgrade is not required. The Avalon project 
> produces very high quality code (from my experience)
> Thus you are rarely, if ever, forced to move on. Of course Avalon is a drug 
> and you'll want more, but its not *our* fault that we have addictive patterns.

I've been following the discussions with great interest but keeping in
the dark. I wonder if you are right about not having to upgrade and if
you don't make it a little bit too simple for yourself.

FOP, for example, is used in Cocoon and it's very likely that we're
going to adopt Avalon patterns in the redesign phase we're currently in.
In fact, we already use the logger abstraction and more is to come.
Let's say Cocoon chooses one version of Avalon, will we be stuck with it
if we want to stay compatible with them or will there be a need to write
an adapter in between? Will we be forced to move to a new version if
Cocoon moves on? Could very well be. What about having different
versions of avalon-framework.jar in one VM?

Of course, Framework is very stable, but even then, discussions about A5
make me somewhat unsure. I'm one of the main pushers for Avalon (with
Nicola's help) in the FOP project even if it's going slow. Now I'm
wondering if it's the right time. Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward
to what's coming out of current discussion. I'm just a bit worried. I
think it's all about reusability as you gathered yourselves. FOP is a
reusable component and will (after the redesign) probably have two APIs,
one simple one with little to no direct dependency to Avalon, the other
low-level API will probably be Avalon-based. But if Avalon is used we're
using one version. What if a user of FOP someone wants/needs to use a
different version of Avalon?

Jeremias Märki
(FOP committer)

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